Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fantasy Team: The Kempire Strikes Back (Pitchers)

                                                                                                        2011 Season Pitching
PGio Gonzalez, Wsh SP
202.0 175 7091197161200417
SPTim Lincecum, SF SP
217.0  176 6686220131400472
SPFelix Hernandez, Sea SP
SPJered Weaver, LAA SP
SPIan Kennedy, Ari SP
SPClay Buchholz, Bos SP
RPJonathan Papelbon, Phi RP
RPHeath Bell, Mia RP
RPJoel Hanrahan, Pit RP

Fantasy Team: The Kempire Strikes Back

BATTERS2011 SEASON Batting and FieldingPointsRESEARCH
CMike Napoli, Tex C, 1B
118/369  72233755885421032882.5100.0+0
1BPrince Fielder, Det 1B
170/56995322120107106  111715  3772.3100.0+0
2BIan Kinsler, Tex 2B
158/620121  296  77897130417113942.5100.0+0
3BPablo Sandoval, SF 3B
SSJimmy Rollins, Phi SS
IFBrandon Phillips, Cin 2B
LFAlex Gordon, KC LF
185/6111013078767139 17 8943592.4100.0+0
CFMatt Kemp, LAD CF
195/60211535312674159 40  111654222.6100.0+0
RFCorey Hart, Mil RF 
OFBrett Gardner NYY LF
UTILElvis Andrus, Tex SS
UTILCarlos Beltran, StL RF
BenchBuster Posey, SF C
BenchAndre Ethier, LAD RF
BenchRyan Roberts, Ari 2B, 3B
BenchNick Markakis, Bal RF

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miami Marlins

The Marlins start off with the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals on April 4th. The Marlins with a new look and a completely rebuilt team. The additions of Reyes, Bell, Buehrle, and who can forget Ozzie, make this team totally different. A lot hinges on what attitude will Hanley bring to Spring Training and into the season. Josh Johnson is the main factor for the season as a whole. How he is at the beginning of the season isn't as important as the middle or end of the season, especially if their in the hunt for the NL East or Wild Card. After Johnson they have Buehrle. He is just an innings eater. He has pitched over 200 innings every year since 2001. Nolasco and Sanchez will round out the top of the rotation. After the starters come out Heath Bell will come in to close. Over the last three years he has saved atlest 42 games a season. Even more impressive is saving them with the Padres. Let's face it in the NL they usually play a different style than the AL. The Marlins are built fast. Bonifacio and Reyes are threats to run on any pitcher on any count. Bonifacio had 40 SB last year. If Reyes can stay off the DL, there's no telling how many SB's he'll have. The power and youth of Mike Stanton is a major plus going into this season. Nobody really knows how the new stadium will play, but Stanton will not be concerend. His power will carry anywhere. The concern I have about the stadium is will it hurt or help Reyes' triples numbers. The last two years comined Reyes has hit 26 triples. That's also with stints on the DL. There are some major unknowns with this team, but one of the best stories going into the season. After all the money spent "How good will they be?". The first month of the season they play Cardinals, Reds, Phillies, Astros, Cubs, National, Mets, and D-Backs. If their a contending team they will have no problems with wins the 1st month, except the Phillies.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where's Fielder Going To Sign?

You have not heard a lot from the 27 year old Fielder. You have heard from Scott Boras. Where is he going to sign and for how much? I believe that the Rangers may have ran themselves out of the running for him after the Yu Darvish Project. Maybe their in it maybe not. The Nationals have to be in it, not only because of his talent, because of Boras. If he did go to Washington, and Bryce Harper lived up to most of the expectations, that would be a sight.  I know the Dodgers are in ownership turmoil but could you imagine Fielder and Kemp in LA. If they had both of them, they would have them for the rest of their primes. Will that happen? Who knows. Did you see the Angels signing Pujols? So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.